sexta-feira, 22 de março de 2013

Angel's Life ( Tributo ao Julierme)

Nobody really knew him 

didn't notice that his glance 

no longer had the same shine 

Momentaries smiles caused 

for the great comedy 

that we called life 

They never looked really 

for his pale face 

They never really respected him 

and watching all the cruelty of the world 

he lost the taste for the life 

and left 

But they judged him 

wanting to be gods 

and they ended up removing 

for vanity an angel's life 

Laughters that faked to cover the agony 

that the giants insist in not feeling 

Perhaps he doesn't root anything 

or everything wasn't just a game 

that at any moment 

would have one end 

He had to me and the so many other 

but it is his moment 

a sound, a rope, a bathroom 

they took my eternal angel 

for your freedom

of turn to the sky

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